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The NES Poly and NES Mono stock has sold out. If you would like to be notified when the synths are back in stock, contact us at the email address posted on the "About us" page.

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Mega Man II style 2-channel reverb effect

The Arcano NES Mono Chiptune Synthesizer is monophonic, but it actually has two oscillators. The NES Mono reproduces the reverb / echo effect featured prominently in the theme songs for the game NES game Mega Man II by using its second oscillator to play the first oscillator's note slightly detuned.

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Get notified when the NES Mono is back in stock.

If you would like to be contacted when the Arcano NES Mono Chiptune Synthesizer is back in stock, email us at chiptunesynth {at} gmail {dot} com.

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That distinctive NES bass sound

The NES Mono Chiptune Synthesizer can recreate NES-style bass sounds by reconstructing the same 4-bit triangle waveform. Setting the left knob to green selects the 4-bit triangle waveform used to create basslines for countless NES game theme songs.

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Creating Custom Patches With the NES Mono

You can create your own custom patches with the NES Mono Chiptune Synthesizer by editing sound parameters using MIDI CC messages. The NES Mono User Guide  provides information on how to edit custom patches. The user guide also includes tables with the CC parameter values that correspond to the preset patches.

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