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Arcano 8-bit Synthesizer User Guide

Arcano 8-bit Synthesizer User Guide

Chiptune Synth LLC

This synthesizer uses MIDI channel 1 only. Make sure your MIDI controller is set to MIDI channel 1.

Arcano 8-bit Synthesizer

The Arcano 8-bit Synthesizer is a polyphonic MIDI synthesizer that emulates the audio hardware of the NES / Famicom game console, allowing musicians to create NES-style chiptune music by simply connecting a MIDI controller.

The Arcano 8-bit Synth receives power through its USB type B connector. The USB connector is for power only. It is not a USB-MIDI input.

The Arcano 8-bit Synth is controlled via an external MIDI controller. The Arcano 8-bit Synth connects to a MIDI controller through its standard 5-pin MIDI DIN connector. MIDI data is received on MIDI channel 1 only. MIDI data on all other MIDI channels is ignored.

The Arcano 8-bit Synth outputs an unbalanced mono line-level audio signal through its standard 1/8" (3.5 mm) audio jack.

The Arcano 8-bit Synth features a simple user interface consisting of two buttons and a 7-segment LED display. The left and right buttons are used to select one of 32 preset patches. The LED display shows a unique symbol for each preset patch. The LED display also features a decimal point which lights up whenever MIDI data is received. (If you see the decimal point light up but don't hear any sound, it's likely that your MIDI controller is set to the wrong MIDI channel. Make sure your MIDI controller is set to MIDI channel 1.)