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Arcano 8-bit Synthesizer : NES / Famicom type presets

Arcano 8-bit Synthesizer : NES / Famicom type presets


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The Arcano 8-bit synth is a polyphonic, MIDI-controlled synthesizer for creating chip music in the style of the 8-bit game consoles. The synthesizer's 32 preset patches are modeled after the sounds of the NES / Famicom game consoles.


Hardware Specifications:

  • standard MIDI DIN input
  • 1/8'' (3.5 mm) unbalanced mono audio output
  • USB type B connector (for power only)
  • simple two-button control interface
  • 7-segment LED patch-index display
  • embedded audio digital signal processor chip

Audio Specifications:

  • polyphonic synthesis with up to two-oscillators per voice (second oscillator used for detune effects)
  • 12.5%, 25%, and 50% duty-cycle pulse, 5-bit sawtooth, and 4-bit triangle (NES Bass) waveforms
  • realtime waveform switching capability for NES pulse “pluck” effects
  • accurate, DDS-based NES audio waveform reconstruction
  • NES analog signal path recreation for authentic sound

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