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Arcano VCX-8 Sound Chip details

The Arcano VCX-8 Sound Chip is a programmable sound generator created by Chiptune Synth LLC for use in computers, game consoles, and chiptune music synthesizers. The VCX-8 Sound Chip has 5 default waveforms and internal, non-volatile memory that allows users add their own custom waveform. The Arcano VCX-8 can directly output an analog audio signal, without the need for an external digital-to-analog converter. Unlike most programmable sound generators, which use parallel data interfaces to control sound parameters, all of the VCX-8 Sound Chip's sound parameters can be directly controlled by MIDI messages. The device features LFOs that can be assigned to various sound parameters. The LFO waveforms can also be selected using MIDI messages.

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