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Arcano NES Chiptune Synth R3 (gray)

Arcano NES Chiptune Synth R3 (gray)

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Create your own Nintendo-style chiptune music with this MIDI synthesizer or play the 8-bit video game music classics live.

The Arcano NES Chiptune Synth R3 is a music synthesizer that faithfully emulates the classic sound of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s audio hardware. No programming is required and there is no software to install. Simply connect a MIDI controller to play the NES classics live or create your own original chiptunes.

The Arcano NES Chiptune Synth R3 is the successor to the Arcano MIDI NES Chiptune Synth II and features many hardware and software improvements on its predecessor including:

  • 63 preset patches instead of 32
  • custom patch editing using CC channels
  • MIDI pitch bend capability
  • ADSR volume envelope system
  • powerful digital signal processor
  • higher sample output frequency for better waveform reconstruction
  • band limited synthesis for reduced aliasing 
  • reduced audio signal impedance
  • MIDI-data-input LED indicator
  • acrylic case (consisting of faceplate and base only)

Hardware Specifications:

  • standard MIDI DIN input
  • 1/4'' TRS unbalanced stereo jack audio output (with same signal in both channels)
  • mini-USB connector (for power only)
  • 7-segment LED display
  • simple two-button interface
  • embedded digital signal processor core

Software Specifications:

  • 4-note polyphony
  • 63 preset patches + 1 custom patch
  • 12.5%, 25%, and 50% duty-cycle pulse, 5-bit sawtooth, and 4-bit triangle waveforms
  • realtime waveform switching capability for NES pulse “pluck” effects
  • vibrato pre-delay and attack for more expressive vibrato effects

The Arcano NES Chiptune Synth R3 is a complete redesign of the Arcano synth hardware and software based on feedback and suggestions compiled from Arcano-series synth users. Unlike previous Arcano-series synthesizers, which are based on an AVR microcontroller, the Arcano NES Chiptune Synth R3 is built around a powerful digital signal processor core which implements bandlimited synthesis for better NES sound emulation with reduced aliasing. The device's analog audio signal path has also been redesigned to more closely resemble that of the NES. Unlike previous Arcano synths, the Arcano NES Chiptune Synth R3 features MIDI pitch bend and the ability to create a custom patch using MIDI CC messages to edit sound parameters. The Arcano NES Chiptune Synth R3 is also available with a case consisting of an acrylic base and faceplate, giving the device an appearance vaguely reminiscent of an NES gamepad.     

(Does not include cables.)

The Arcano NES Chiptune Synth R3 may not work with some MIDI controllers. Please verify your MIDI controller has a standard MIDI DIN out and is able to output MIDI data on channel 1. The Synth's USB connector is for power only, not for MIDI-over-USB control. 

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